Fleet Washes

Shine Time Super Wash is pleased to provide a Fleet Wash Program to the business community throughout Tupelo and the surrounding areas of Northeast Mississippi. We want to make it easy and economical for you to keep your company cars looking great. A trip through our tunnel car wash takes less than 5 minutes, and as a small business owner, we know firsthand that time is money. Whether it is a business meeting, delivery, service call or anything in between, you can be confident that your company vehicles will be looking their best. A fleet wash package is also a great option for car dealerships too. When every car on your lot looks like it just came off the showroom floor, sales are sure to increase. Whether your fleet consists of two or two hundred vehicles, we offer flexible options that can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

How does a Shine Time Fleet Wash help your company shine?

First impressions really do matter.
Often times, a customer’s overall perception of your company is determined before you or your employee step out of the vehicle. A clean and shiny vehicle speaks volumes about how you conduct business overall. It not only conveys professionalism, it shows attention to detail and lets potential and current customers know that you take pride in your company. Your company’s image is always on the line. Make presentation a priority and your customers will take notice.

Regular washes help to preserve the life of corporate vehicles.
Many company drivers take good care of their cars and treat them like their own. However, there are always those that don’t. Corporate vehicles get a lot of use and abuse. For a long life, they need continual maintenance inside and out. A fleet package from Shine Time Super Wash makes it easy to keep the exterior surfaces of your vehicles clean and protected. It also helps to prevent rust and oxidization caused by the harsh conditions of seasonal weather and harmful road pollutants. Set the bar high, keep your fleet clean and looking its best for the long run.

What are the benefits of a fleet package?
  • Convenience - with two locations in Tupelo, a Shine Time Super Wash is just minutes away.
  • Financial - A fleet wash package allows you to budget your company’s monthly car wash expenses, which means not having to keep track of car wash receipts. It also reduces employee time spent on washing vehicles. 
  • Flexibility - Choose the type of wash that meets the specific needs of your fleet and be assured that only assigned vehicles are washed. Activate or terminate wash privileges on any vehicle at any time.

Ready to get started with a Shine Time Super Wash fleet package?
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  • We will get back in touch with you and create a customized fleet wash package that is tailored specifically to your business. 


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