With Shine Time Super Wash's Fundraising Program, you can raise money for your group, and fast! The best part is that when you partner with Shine Time Super Wash, there's no need for buckets, sponges, or flagging down cars. Start raising money for your organization today by submitting the fundraising application.

How a Shine Time Super Wash Fundraiser Works
  • The Shine Time Super Wash Fundraiser process is very easy!
    Submit the fundraiser application
  • Your group purchases car wash tickets ($22 value) for $6 each
  • Your group sells car wash tickets for $12 each
  • For each $12 ticket sold, you make $6
  • Return any unsold tickets and settle up

Your donors will enjoy a $22 car wash for only $12 and you can raise significant money for your organization.

If you sell

50 Tickets
100 Tickets
500 Tickets
1000 Tickets

Your Organization Will Make


Participation & Rules

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Numerous types of groups are eligible for participation, including:
  • 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Athletic teams and its booster clubs
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Service organizations

Your group must sell your car wash tickets on your own - tickets may NOT be sold on the premises or within 500 feet of a Shine Time Super Wash. Tickets must be sold for the sole benefit of your organization. Individuals and for-profit groups are not eligible. The minimum number of tickets for a fundraiser is 50. Your group will secure the 50 car wash tickets with a check from the approved organization for $300. Your group has 30 days to complete your fundraiser.

Ready to raise money for your group? Complete the Shine Time Super Wash Fundraiser application below.

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